Post-Election Thoughts, Reasons for Supporting Trump

There are still plenty of votes to be counted and lawsuits to be settled, but it’s looking like Joe Biden will emerge as the winner of an election that seems to have gone surprisingly well under the circumstances (despite many baseless accusations of fraud). Mike talks the weirdness of politicians, his pity for President Trump, anger at President Trump’s enablers, and the conservative case for supporting Donald Trump.

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2 replies on “Post-Election Thoughts, Reasons for Supporting Trump”

The topic of this week’s podcast asked a question that’s been on my mind for months. I was reminded of an episode from the Late Show when David Letterman asked Hugh Grant, “what the hell were you thinking?” Of course I never used these exact words, but I did repeatedly ask my Republican family members, friends, and colleagues why they would whole-heartedly support and truly desire another four years of Donald Trump as President. Unfortunately, their answers left me even more confused. Thankfully, this podcast finally helped me understand WHY people voted for Donald Trump. This doesn’t mean I would have voted any different if I heard this before the election. Like many, my mind wasn’t going to change no matter what I heard. However, Michael was able to explain completely and in mere minutes what my conservative friends and family could not. I appreciated the clear and concise manner in which the information was presented. I want to be informed, but do not have enough time, emotional energy, or bourbon to get pulled into the divisiveness of politics every day, which is why I’m glad to have discovered your podcast. I look forward to your next episode.

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