Equality, Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Mike talks about a change of direction for the podcast and outlines his vision for a new American political party (which really needs a name) based on equality and respect for life, liberty (both negative and positive) and the pursuit of happiness.

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Here’s some info about me that I hope will help you as you try to gauge what kind of people will be interested in your new party.

I’m a leftist who finds “woke” orthodoxy frustrating, and impractical as a strategy for influencing policy. (I suspect there won’t be much overlap between the more intractable people of that bent and any kind of serious political involvement. No matter how many flaws are identifiable in our system’s past and current history, I can’t see how daily chiding of people on Facebook gets us past this; I’m also skeptical about the possibility that boutique third parties that cater to progressives will accomplish anything beyind tipping elections to the GOP.

I’m a politics junkie who is frustrated by the material I read. I stopped reading the guardian a while back because it had too much of that red meat phenomenon, and I find I don’t need to be flattered by political writing. (Although I miss gary younge’s writing)

The Trump era has made it impossible for me to talk on social media about my frustration with the common liberal idea that conservativism is inherently bad and wrong, and should just be shoved into the past to make room for a kind of liberal utopia. I’m not conservative, but I find that liberals and woke/progressives alike share more than they realize with their enemies on the right. People on both sides basically want a one party state, it seems, and even the moral bankruptcy of the GOP in recent years, exacerbated by Trump, doesn’t change for me my sense of the obvious flaws in such thinking.

At the same time, the two party system has been gamed to the point where I don’t think improvement is possible. Too many people inside and outside government have incentives to stay the way they are, and perennially see the other side as opponents in a war where compromise is unacceptable.

I hear your ideas about a new party, and it sounds to me like you’re talking about a party that follows through on progressive policymaking ideas while acknowledging the reality and value of other kinds of political thinking. It sounds like you are trying to imagine a coalition of people who think sort of the way I do. Serious commitment to progressive policy while still treating the other side respectfully, and welcoming a rigorous assessment of the practical effectiveness of progressive policy? To paraphrase DJTJ, if that’s what you mean, I love it.

Thanks so much for that post! It sounds like you and I share a lot of similar views. In the months to come I hope to lay out specific issues positions and I look forward to getting your feedback. – Mike

Hi Mike, I like the idea of you starting another party and also running for Senate (although I live in SoCal). As far as names, I like Public, Modern, Moderate, or Diversity Party…although being a Star Trek fan from when my dad would watch during my childhood, I am partial to the IDIC Party (Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations). Probably a little too nerdy. I like the idea of a name that ties into the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence that you read.

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