Sinn U50-T Fully Tegimented on Bracelet

Oh my gosh – a watch that embodies the person I hope I would like to be (did that come out right?). The little brother of Sinn’s U-1 dive watch that’s both all business, but also has a non-traditional, almost playful look (though “playful” might be pushing things. I love that it’s made from anti-magnetic U-Boat steel, and that the whole thing, including the bracelet, is hardened. It’s not cheap, that’s for sure, but it packs a lot into a compact package (again, which applies to the self I aspire to be) and it’s practically bombproof. This is the sort of watch that outlasts you, and that some lucky SOB snatches up when you finally kick off at some point. It’s a watch you’d probably have to lkeep separate from every other watch in your collection, because the sheer force of its personality would intimidate everything short of a Rolex – which really should be intimidated, but that’s another story. (link: